Loomie Town


Hi! My name is Polly! I make sure all breeding can go as smoothly as possible! 
Loomies and daynines need a sparkly rock to breed.  Its more about the bond two critters have with each other.  If this bond is strong enough, the sparkly rock will absorb this energy and produce an offspring! 

There are some rules with breeding:
-Critters must be at least level 3.
-You MUST own both critters.
-There is a cooldown of 5 days between breeding.
-Breeding costs 500 Fruits.
-Critters of only the same type can breed
Exp: Long+ Long, small+small
-Loomies and Daynines cannot cross breed.

Some critters cannot breed due to various reasons.  That's where I come in.  You can send me a request for the critter pair you wish to breed, and I will talk to your critters and see why they wouldnt before.  If they agree to breed, I will send you a message letting you know they can breed! If they do not wish to breed, then that is their choice.


(when messaging me, put "Polly" as the recipiant,)
(and but the loomie pair you want to breed!)